Marino Belotti

Type of operation
Merger & Acquisition
Cosmetics packaging

The shareholders of Marino Belotti sold 100% of the shares to Lumson.

Founded in 1979 in Chiuduno (Bergamo), Marino Belotti operates in the cosmetic packaging sector. Specifically, the company specializes in the production of compact cases (e.g., trousses) for the best-known brands in the cosmetics industry, in both the prestige and masstige segments. In 2018, the company achieved a turnover of about € 16m with a gross operating margin of more than 20%.

Lumson is a leading Italian group active in the cosmetic packaging industry and is backed by Fondo Strategico Italiano which holds a minority stake. In 2018 Lumson had a turnover of more than € 90m.

The transaction is part of the Lumson growth plan and will lead the group to further extend its product range in the “compact” division, due to the expertise and brand reputation of Marino Belotti.

Corus acted as financial advisor to Marino Belotti shareholders, structuring the sale process through the selection of the buyer, negotiation and all the stages of the transaction to the binding agreements with Lumson.


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