Whitebridge Pet Brands

Type of operation
Merger & Acquisition

Monge has finalized the acquisition of a 100% stake in Piemonte Pet Products, a company based in Neive (CN), owned by Whitebridge Pet Brands and involved in the production of private label and co-man dry pet food.

Whitebridge Pet Brands, a portfolio company of the Belgian financial investor NXMH, is a US manufacturer of natural foods, toppers and snacks for dogs and cats, marketed under the following brands: Tiki Pets, Schesir, Stuzzy, Petite Cuisine, Dogswell, Grizzly, Cloud Star, Buddy Biscuits, Pet Botanics and Crazy Dog.

Monge, founded in Monasterolo di Savigliano (CN) in 1963, is a producer of wet and dry pet food for dogs and cats, both private label and under the following brands: Monge, Bwild, VetSolution, Gift, Excellence, Gemon, Special Dog, LeChat, Simba, Leo’s, Gran Bontà, Artù, Moustache.

Piemonte Pet Products integration expands Monge production of dry pet food to meet the growing demand from both the domestic and foreign markets.

Corus Corporate Finance assisted, in its capacity as financial advisor, Whitebridge Pet Brands in scouting potential buyers, negotiations and in all phases of the sale of the entire stake held in Piemonte Pet Products.


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